`sin^2x + cos^2x = 1`
`y = frac (-b +- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)) (2a)`
`(x + 2)^2 + (y - 3)^2 = 16`
`slope = m = frac (\text(change in y)) (\text(change in x)) = frac (Deltay) (Deltax)`

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Teaching Experience

College Level
  • Mathematics Adjunct Faculty member at Harford Community College (June 2016 - present)
    • Math 212 - Calculus with Applications
    • Math 206 - Calculus III
    • Math 101 - College Algebra
  • Teaching Assistant, Georgia Tech
  • Teaching assistant in the School of Mathematics for Calculus I & II while an undergraduate and graduate student at Georgia Tech.

Tutored mathematics students 1-on-1 for more than 40 years in algebra I & II, geometry, calculus I, II & III, trigonometry, pre-calculus, statistics, SAT & ACT mathematics.

Developed a program to prepare students for the SAT Mathematics section and tutored students to improve their SAT Math scores for more than 8 years with very good results.

At Georgia Tech, I tutored in the Math Lab for the School of Mathematics and in the tutoring lab for the College of Engineering.


  • MS Operations Research, Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga. Tech), 1983
  • BS Applied Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982 (with Highest Honor)
Related Awards
  • Senior Mathematics Prize, 1982, Ga. Tech
  • Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Award, 1982, Ga. Tech
  • Pi Mu Epsilon National Mathematics Honor Society
  • Freshman Mathematics Prize, 1979, Univ. of Tenn. Chattanooga

Professional Mathematician

Department of Defense

More than 38 years of experience as a Mathematician, Operations Research Analyst, and Computer Scientist for the Department of Defense and private defense contractors.